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AvatarBuilder Review 2022
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by  Best Lifetime Deal, October 23, 2022
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AvatarBuilder Review - Get to know its Features, Benefits, OTOs, Pros & Cons FAQs, and Huge Exclusive Bonuses! Are you looking for a good Avatarbuilder Review? Please read my review before selecting it, to know its power and weaknesses. Is it really worth your time, hardwork and money?
AvatarBuilder - Product Overview
Vendor: Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
Product: AvatarBuilder
Front End Price: $67 (After applying Coupon $49)
Official Website: Click Here

Coupon Code – "AVATAR" $18 OFF directly applicable on the website
Bonus: Yes, Exclusive and Special Bonuses
Refund: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Reputed Vendor, Fast and Effective Support Team
My Take: Highly Recommended

Welcome to my Honest AvatarBuilder Review. Today, businesses are developing all styles of content. They are using images, videos, blogs, emails, infographics, podcasts, presentations & even social media posts. However, videos surpass other types of online content and they are essential for the success of any marketing campaign.

However, each video no longer gives excellent results. For that motive, most marketers and video creators are using the latest 3D technology to make 3D animations. Avatar Builder is the most modern tool for 3-d animation creators. The builders claim that it creates interest-grabbing, studio-quality videos within a few minutes without any charge. But it is possible? This Avatar Builder review will answer all your queries.

What is Avatar Builder?

Avatar Builder is designed for marketing specialists and video creators who would like to create studio-quality hypnotizing videos in a few minutes. In addition, it is designed for those who would like to make many free videos. This tool allows you to take advantage of the power of 3D animation, artificial intelligence and multilingual video technologies to make unique 3D video animations in a few minutes. The developers also say that you can sell one of the videos you create for more than $ 300.

The excellent news is that you don't need a camera or video production skills to use the 3D video generator. In fact, Avatar Builder is the only video animation application that presents new generation 3D animation, artificial intelligence and multilingual video technologies. It comes with many peak features that will help you create videos in your language in a few minutes. In addition, you don't need to hire voice-over artists or use other video applications. You can use it to create educational, e-commerce, YouTube, social media and sales videos at any time.

About The Producers
The creators of this 3D video creation software are Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. Both have been working in the digital industry for more than two decades. They have raised many awards over two decades to sell some of the best products on digital platforms. They produced many masterpieces of a million dollars such as the video dashboard, doodlemaker, Avatarbuilder, sketchgenius, designbeast, videocreator and the video app suite.
Here's The Avatar Builder In Action

Interesting right?

AvatarBuilder is software by which you can create 3D animation videos for all your marketing needs even if you have no technical or video editing skills.
How does Avatar Builder works?

As we have already said, Avatar Builder allows you to create 3D animation and studio-quality videos in any language. The product uses artificial intelligence or machine learning to transform any text into video. In other words, Avatar Builder will make the work of your video creation more easier. It will take only a few minutes to convert your text into an attention-grabbing video with animations, text effects, and short video scenes. In addition, it uses text-to-speech to produce voice-over. You don't need any design, editing, or technical skills to use the tool.

This video maker allows you to choose your own avatar spokesperson in many options. You can choose based on your age, profession, or history to ensure that your message will reach the target audience. The avatars are simple, elegant, and captivating. They will pay attention and keep it until the end of the video.

In addition, the developers have included many models in this program to eliminate trials and errors and to save you more time. After choosing a model, you can customize it with your fonts, text effects, animations, green screen, voiceovers & backgrounds.

Avatar Builder also allows you to mark your 3D avatars with unique logos to increase credibility, trust, and sales. Unlike many other applications, Avatar Builder will make the logo that you upload as part of the video.

Even more, Avatar Builder offers unlimited access to multilingual technologies. You need these technologies to reach global audiences and convert more than 10 times with one video.

All you have to do is sync the lips of the 3D avatars with any voice and they will speak in any language. And because Avatar Builder uses Drag and Drop technology, you don't need special or technical skills.

Here are 3 easy ways to create, automate and scale with Avatar Builder:

Step 1: Click

Select from a wide range of 3D avatars and ready-to-use video templates.

Step 2: Customize

Change the colors, backgrounds of styles, fonts, animations, music, voiceover and more easily.

Step 3: Profit

Share and sell your videos to increase income, leads and sales.

Features of the Avatar Builder
Avatar Builder offers many unique features to try. Here are the most important features -
Multilingual Video Technology
After buying the Avatar Builder, you will easily make videos in any language  you want. The program offers various languages so that you can reach many people in different parts of the world. You will also find it easier to sync the lips with the voice with 3D avatars. In fact, you do not need experienced translators or voiceover artists to make videos.
Video Templates
Avatar Builder offers users an option to create videos from zero. Alternatively, you can use the video templates inside it. These templates are customizable. You can add text, special effects, animation, watermark and other features to make your videos engaging.
Logo Mapping Technology
Did you know that a personalized brand logo will cost you thousands of dollars? You don't have to spend any money on one. The software offers logo mapping technology to help you make brand logos easily. Technology makes the logo designing process like a child's play. This feature will help you grab customers' trust.
Easier Customization
The application offers easier customization. It allows you to create any Avatar look easily you want. You can choose the complexion, the dress, the accessories and the hair. Even more, you can use other elements like shoes, watches and glasses to make the avatar look perfect.
Avatar Builder offers an integrated text-to-speech feature that you can use to convert your text documents to speech and use it as a voice for your avatars. One of the main parts of the tool is that it provides more than 400 voiceover artists. Hence, you can choose a voice to match your avatar.
Avatar Builder offers watermarks to protect your videos from thieves. It will act as copyright. All you have to do is authenticate every video you create with a watermark to protect it.
Here's the Demo
Benefits of Avatar Builder
Here are the advantages to take of after buying the Avatar manufacturer.
Lots of Incredible Features
Avatar Builder offers many incredible features, designed to help you create human 3D avatars for your marketing videos. It includes logo mapping technology, many customizable templates, text to speech, smart scene creation technology and many more features.
Affordability is the big advantage of buying Avatar Builder. The program contains no annual or monthly subscription plan. You will start using it immediately after paying the unique costs. In addition, you will access all features at no additional cost. The upgrades are also not expensive.
Good Customer Support
Customer support must be an absolute priority when choosing a product/service. After buying Avatar Builder, you will get the best customer support. Their support team is still working to solve issues as they arise. This means that you have always someone to help you 24/7.
30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Avatar builder comes with a 30 day no-asked money-back guarantee. This means you can ask for your money if you don't get what you expected.
Ideal for Increasing the CTR and Sales
Avatar Builder is best choice for ecommerce companies, entrepreneurs and content creators. You can use it to reach millions of audiences and promote or sell your brand services/products.
Limited Video Length
You can only make short videos with Avatar Builder. The duration of the video is limited to 6 minutes. This is a huge disadvantage for people who would like to make long form videos in their marketing campaigns.
You need to pay more to get upgrades
The distributors also offer upgrades of this program. Most upgrades are delivered with additional features to help you create better videos. Unfortunately, all upsells or OTOs have an additional cost.
Avatar Builder Pricing and OTOs
This product is not expensive. You will access most of the features offered after paying the unique costs. You will have to pay additional costs to access the four upsells available. You will need $47 to obtain the additional features mentioned below:
  • Visual Custom Avatar Builder

  • Artificial intelligence scene creator

  • Disney and Pixar Style 3D Avatar

  • Hundreds of done-for-you video templates

  • Logo mapping technology

  • Open-Canvas Custom Video Maker

  • Over 200 award-winning text-to-speech voiceovers

  • Language Translation in 1 click

  • Transcription of the speech to text

  • Royalty free videos and images

  • Music library copyright free

  • 720p HD videos

  • Step by step training

  • 6 minutes the length of the maximum video

  • Unlimited video rendering

  • Commercial license

  • Sell videos

  • Facebook group access

  • Access to the Skype mentorship group

  • 8-week training webinars

In addition to these features, you can buy several other upgrades to improve your video quality. Here are the other upgrades/OTOs available.

OTO 1: $49 Avatar Builder Elite Upgrade (Recommended)
This Avatar builder OTO 1 or upgrade 1 will cost you an additional $49. It comes with the following features:

  • New monthly avatars for 1 year

  • 5 Premium 3D avatars each month

  • Premium animation, text effects and fonts

  • Premium video and image asset library

  • Unlimited background removal

  • Premium slide transitions

  • 200 premium music library

  • VIP customer support

  • Amazon Cloud Server priority

  • Priority video rendering

  • Priority access to future updates

OTO 2: $67 Agency Upgrade (Recommended)
You will have to pay $67 to get this upgrade. It comes with the following features.

  • 12 minutes of video length

  • 1080p video renders

  • Ready-to-use voice-overs

  • Transcription of speech to text

  • Save all the avatars you build

  • Client contracts

  • 5 accounts for virtual workers

  • 150,000 video scripts and articles

OTO 3: $39 Template Hub Upgrade (Recommended)
  • You will need $39 to access this upgrade. It comes with additional video templates.
OTO 4: $29 Voice Pro Upgrade (Recommended)
  • This upgrade will cost you $29. It comes with more than 100 male and female text-to-speech voices.
Get Avatar Builder Now with 45+ Premium Bonuses 
10 Amazing Bonuses By Vendors
You can use ALL of the Avatar Builder Software bonuses from the list below...

Bonus Delivery - Please email your order receipt to [email protected] with the title "BONUS REQUEST"
along with the names of the bonuses to get access.
Exclusive Bonus #1 - Ecom Video Maker - Commercial License ($497 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #2 - Done-For-You AvatarBuilder Video Agency Website ($997)
Exclusive Bonus #3 - 21 Day AvatarBuilder Video Mentorship Training ($497)
Exclusive Bonus #4 - Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #5 - Video Thumbnail Maker App ($67 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #6 - AvatarBuilder Success Case Studies ($197 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #7 - Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($197 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #8 - Skype Mentorship Group Access ($997)
Exclusive Bonus #9 - HD Stock Video Bundle ($197 Value)
Exclusive Bonus #10 - Done-For-You Call-To-Action Human Voiceovers And Sales Scripts ($197 Value)
Exclusive Fast Action 28 more Bonuses From My Side, if you choose to buy through this website:
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We will verify you and send the rest of the Bonuses to you within 24 hours.  
If you choose to buy OTOs as well then you'll get 10 more Bonuses from my side:
All Bonuses mentioned here are Premium Ebooks and Guides for your internet marketing needs.
Purchase AvatarBuilder from here and go get all your Bonuses today.
Is Avatar Builder Worth Buying?

If you are making boring videos, then this online Avatar Builder is made only for you. The process of creating animated videos can be expensive and frustrating. In fact, creating a 30-second animated video costs you between $300 to $500 if you hire an expert for the work. Avatar Builder allows you to create superior quality 3D avatar videos.

You can use it to design and customize 3D avatars like Disney and Pixar style. The tool allows you to choose the hairstyle, the brand and the colors for the avatar. You can also choose the accent and the language you like the avatar to speak. In addition, the lip-sync feature makes the avatars speak like humans. It replaces expensive voice-over artists and other video applications.

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Mini FAQs
How do I get the Bonuses?
There are 3 steps to get these bonuses:

Step 1 - Purchase Avatarbuilder using the links and buttons on this website
Step 2 - Send the receipt to [email protected]
Step 3 - Get the Bonuses within 24 hours
Is there a money-back guarantee?
YES! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can contact us at [email protected] for a no-questions-asked refund.
What makes Avatar Builder different from other applications?
Avatarbuilder is the only application in the world with Visual 3D Avatar Builder, AI Smart Scene Creator and multilingual and cutting-edge video technology not available in any other application!

You get everything for a unique price. Nothing is getting closer!
Does it include unlimited video rendering?
Yes! You can use Avatarbuilder to create as many videos as you wish, as often as you wish, in as many niches as you wish. An unlimited translation of text to speech and language is also included. Literally, no limits.
Is the step-by-step video training included?
Yes - Avatarbuilder comes with a step-by-step video training that guides you throughout the process, the creation of your videos to obtain results. ( this also includes how to sell your videos for the best dollar!)
Can I sell videos I create?
Yes! They include commercial rights, so you can create and sell videos to customers as many times as you wish ... and keep 100% of profits.
Can I create long videos & presentations?
Yes - With their revolutionary open canvas video editor, you can make unlimited personalized videos for up to 6 minutes. If you want longer videos, make them in the form of multiple videos of 6 min and attach them together!
Are additional upgrades included free of charge to existing customers?
All future updates will be included for free, for all customers at no additional cost!
Does Avatar Builder support my language?
Yes - You can make videos in any language using Avatarbuilder. Use multilingual world-class features, including text to speech, audio recording in the application or the transcription of text to speech to create videos in foreign languages as well!
What are the Alternatives of Avatar builder?

Avatar Builder is one of the best applications available for people who wish to promote their services/products. This will help you increase your visibility on throughout internet. It is designed for eCommerce companies, especially for those who are working hard to increase their sales. Unfortunately, this program is only recommended for people who would like to use teasers or short Introductive Avatar videos. This is not a good choice for people who want to take courses, because the duration of the video is limited to 6 minutes.

Rather than that, it is the best choice for everyone who wants to make or run ads on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram and create professional-looking videos for their businesses. I hope you like this AvatarBuilder Review.

So don’t wait, grab the opportunity now and get Avatar Builder for the one-time low price before it shifts to a monthly or yearly plan forever. And don’t forget to get your 45+ premium bonuses from my side as well.

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