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CreateStudio vs Doodly: Which is the Best Video Animation Software Ever?
by  Best Lifetime Deal, October 23, 2022

So one day you browse on Facebook or Insta and then you see ads for both video animation products.

Or you can find any other source that is now looking for differences, prices, OTOs and comparisons; If any of this is good for you, then you are on the right page.

Even if I wrote an in-depth review of the createstudio and Doodly as well. But you don't have to read any of it; this blog post is enough for you to take the right decision. 

What exactly is CreateStudio?  

CreateStudio is video animation software. You want to create cartoons or promote your media by adding animated text, emoticons, and more.

It can do any work very easily as you want. CreateStudio has built-in characters, emoticons, text templates and more.

Keep in mind that createstudio has both 2D and 3D characters and features, in addition to cartoons, it can also create an introductory logo animation.

The animation, which is easy for everyone, is very real. Have a motion builder or create your own motion from scratch.

Examples of CreateStudio Videos

These videos are for built-in templates. The front-end plan ($67) has 40 pre-prepared templates. The number of upsells can be high (Read the price section).

With their latest update, you can now also apply the Doodle text hand effect, text to speech as well.

What exactly is Doodly?

Doodly made for creating doodle videos. Where one hand draws things. You've probably seen how youubers use it for inspirational content mostly in explaining book summary videos.

Remember, unlike creatstudio; you can't fatally import your videos. The characters also have no kind of action. But you will find that the character has sad, happy and other deeds. Here are sample videos from Doodly

Price of OTOs

OTO means One time offer; Upgrade after purchasing the front-end version. Both software have more otos.

Let's open the funnel of both products.

Frontend CreateStudio $67

Here's what you get in the front-end version.

  • 20 animated characters.

  • Unlimited video export

  • Install both devices

  • vector shape libraries

  • Animate SVG

  • Pixabay API for importing directly into the project

  • 40 done for you templates

OTO 1) All Access Pass $37 per month 

This is the only plan with a monthly subscription. Here are the features.

  • Unlock 150 templates

  • 40 premium characters (2D and 3D)

  • More than 1000 other animated assets

  • 30 new templates every month

  • Each 10 new attitudes

OTO 2) Upgrade Pro Media $ 97

This media upgrade has a pixabay video API, along with pexels photo and video API. In addition, you also get an Audio tab, where you can find music with Sound Fx files. Sound Fx for unique AI sounds such as walking, typing and more. To make videos more attractive.

OTO 3) Agency License $ 197

The latest upsell is an agency that wants to install more machines. Remember that the default license can be installed on both devices. However, there are another 6 licenses at the office. In principle, you can assign additional members by entering email addresses in the dashboard.

CreateStudio Credits

Price: $ 20 - $ 20, $ 60 - $ 50, $ 130 - $ 100

For those who have not registered an All-access pass. With it, you can purchase any specific asset (character, template, etc.) in the All-access pass for life without paying a monthly fee.

The figure stands between (17-37 credits), while the background is the cheapest (2 credits) and the template is 17 credits.

Doodly Front End $39/month and $69/month

Here's what you'll get in the future.

  • Create unlimited videos

  • Using multiple computers

  • 803 pictures of characters

  • 1,157 prop pictures

  • 84 scene templates

  • 100 free music tracks

OTO 1) Business plan $97
  • 3,596 images of characters

  • More than 3000 pictures of props

  • 150 free music tracks

  • All in the front-end version

OTO 2) Doodly Rainbow $67

You will not receive any information about the rainbow add-on. But when shooting videos, you realize that the current images of props and characters are only black and white. Purchasing this add-on will add colors to make them look like many cartoons.

CreateStudio vs Doodly

Now you know the difference between them. Maybe you've already decided what to buy.

CreateStudio will give you the best results to grab your attention, such as Video Ads, Something Exciting, and more. Doodly is best at explaining the concept. If these things don't bother you, go to CreateStudio for advanced features.

 It's cheap if you're looking for something affordable. Because no one wants to watch black and white videos. So another $67 for the rainbow supplement.

So the total cost of doodly more than you imagine. In addition to the Enterprise plan, which you will definitely want to upgrade.

So my vote is for CreateStudio

  • Cartoon videos are more impressive

  • Worth your money

  • With some restrictions, it can also make doodle videos

  • Lots of text templates, introductory logo and more

Ultimately, it depends on your needs. If you have decided to buy one of them, then the following section is most important to you.

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