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GrooveFunnels Review 2022
The Best Free Tool For Funnel Builder
by  Best Lifetime Deal, October 23, 2022
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GrooveFunnels Review - Product Overview
Vendor: Mike Filsaime
Product: GrooveFunnels
Price: $2997 Lifetime Deal
Official Website: Click Here

Bonus: Yes, Exclusive and Special Bonuses
Refund: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Reputed Vendor, Fast and Effective Support Team
My Take: Highly Recommended, I am a platinum user unlike most of the fake reviews out there.
Product Rating: 9.5/10

Are you searching for Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal & Groovefunnels Review, I'm here to help you today.

Not sure how to do your marketing? You are not alone. You have tried to do everything yourself, but it doesn't work.

That's why Groovefunnels is the right solution for you. It makes it easy and flexible to build websites, landing pages, e-commerce stores, or sales funnels. And all this will save you time and money in the long race.

With Groovefunnels, you can finally stop stress about your marketing campaigns and continue your life!

At the time when eCommerce is the king and ruling in the market, creating a website and using an online sales funnel builder is quite common. There are many online builders available on the market but not every builder offers speed, reliability, and quality.

Sounds Awesome, right? 

Groovefunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to build sales funnels, landing pages, and websites to sell products online. This focuses on more exposure for you. This helps you in selling your more products online. You can get a lifetime deal from this service as well.

Usually, affiliate marketers buy expensive products to build a simple 2-3 page website to produce leads and promote their products. They use tools like Clickfunnels for this purpose but there is no point or no use unless you have many products to be promoted.

Groovefunnels is one of the most attractive sales and affiliation platforms. That does not require a cost or credit card. You can choose a paid option to get an upgraded tool. This allows you to start your online marketing without spending additional money for sales funnels.

In this review, you will find out how Groovefunnels lifetime deal can help your online business. Groovepages is a tool that makes it easy to create a page that looks professional for your website or social media account. Groovesell is a strong platform to sell all types of products on the internet. With Groovemail, you can send messages to people who have registered for your updates or buy something from you before. There are many other tools that you want, including Groovekart and more!

What is GrooveFunnels?

Groovefunnels is a platform that allows you to create your own business website, e-commerce, sales funnel, and more. This is an all-in-one platform and solution to do all these tasks. This is not only a page and funnel builder but more than that.

Groovefunnels have several extraordinary features such as GroovePages, Groovesell, Affiliate Programs, etc. Which makes the task of building websites, funnels, and more very comfortable. In this blog, we will do a review of groovefunnels in-depth to get complete details of this platform.

Groovefunnels Review: In short

Are you a startup, businessman, or business owner who wants to quickly make a funnel?

Groovefunnels, is a series of software applications, consisting of a landing page builder named groovepages, groovesell shopping basket, groovemail, and other software service providers to sell your products digitally.

Groovefunnels is the best sales funnel at the moment and obviously, you want to know more about it. It appears with a lifetime price offer and helps you save more on other offers.

Who is behind Groovefunnels?

Mike Filsaime is Groovedigital, CEO. He is a recognized leader in the world of internet marketing. He is also a consultant, writer, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer.

He is an expert in the internet marketing industry. He has done millions of dollars in product launches more than others. After running one of the biggest dealers in the country, he decided to follow his vision and make software that would make it easier for people to run their businesses online. His idea is visionary and with talented developers and designers, he has created software that changes games for many online businesses.

He has produced more than $175 million from his company. He has been responsible for creating many well-known platforms, such as Webinarjam, Everwebinar, Kartra, Dealguardian, Butterfly Marketing, and Evergreen Business System. Mike Filsaime since then selling some of these brands.

John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Serralta are also the leaders of Groovedigital.

Interesting right?

GrooveFunnels is software for all your marketing needs even if you have no editing or marketing skills.
What is Grooveapps?
Groovefunnels is a new name before it was originally called as GrooveApps. It is difficult for Mike and his team to get a domain name, but they have now been officially launched.
What is Groovedigital, Inc.?
Groove Digital, Inc. is a parent company of all products, brands and groove tools. This is a workplace that has employees who work both in buildings and online. The company has brands such as Groovefunnels, Groovekart, and other services such as Grooveads, GroovePay etc.
Is Groovefunnels right for you?

Groovefunnels promised to provide the best marketing tools and experiences for small businesses, bloggers, content marketers, course makers, and almost everyone who has products for sale. Groovefunnels is the right fit for you if:

  • You are an internet marketer.

  • You create regular content online.

  • You have a product or service for sale (or promoting).

  • You want to work & run a membership site.

  • You want to build sales funnels and landing pages.

Groovefunnels is not perfect for you if:
You already use Clickfunnels and don't want to switch to Groovefunnels forever. You don't have the product or service to sell. You are lazy to learn how to use tools and you also don't want all-in-one internet marketing tools.
What is included in Groovefunnels?

Groovefunnels consist of various online tools to build sales funnels that offer everything that is needed in building your online business. Different applications and tools consisting of groovefunnels are:

  1. Groovesell

  2. Groovepages

  3. Grooveaffiliate

  4. Groovemail

  5. Groovedesk

  6. GrooveMember

  7. Groovevideo

  8. Groovecalendar

  9. Groovequiz

  10. Grooveblog

  11. Groovekart

  12. Groovewebinar

  13. Groovesurvey

Groovefunnels is an ideal platform for beginners and specialists. Very helpful for small business owners and affiliate marketers to create and design their own websites that have a potential markets. Let's check out some Groovefunnels testimonials:

Let's look at each tool in-depth.
1. Groovesell
Groovesell is a good platform for people who want to sell their products online and make sales. This allows you to make products, upsells, downsells, add to cart pages, checkout pages, and manage affiliate programs, etc. without paying any fees. It also provides a marketplace where affiliates are able to find your products and promote them online.
2. Groovepages
Groovepages is a funnel creation and website designing tool that helps you design beautiful and attractive funnels or complete websites, directly from the beginning. Groovefunnels uses the most powerful Javascript framework. This also allows you to publish your website on HTML thereby reducing loading time and increasing SEO. It also aims to index mobile-first to get a good ranking on Google.
3. Grooveafiliate
Grooveaffiliate is a affiliate program where affiliate marketers can register to promote high quality, high-converting and extraordinary products added by the seller. This is a verse from the Groovesell application and submits everything needed for tracking, refund, the number of commissions, clicks, and likes. This platform is clean, and easy to navigate and used.
4. Groovemail
Groovemail is an autorestonder or CRM automation tools such as mailchimp, awaber, etc. but more capable than them. This allows you to send an automatic broadcast email, follow -up email, and more. You can also do email marketing based on behavior, tagging, and broadcasting text. Someone can compare it with Activecampaign because you can take action if some of the desired actions occur. With the paid groovefunnels package, you can send up to 25,000 contacts, free.
5. GrooveMember
GrooveMember is a strong CMS/membership platform that allows you to send content in the locked member’s area. You can create free accounts and accounts that can be upgrade and allow you to create beautiful themes, drag, and drop features, and more. The best part is GrooveMember works with Grooveaffiliate and Groovesell so you don't need to buy a membership site or any other sales platform. You only need to register your product for sale and affiliates will promote it.
6. Groovevideo
Groovevideo tool from Groovefunnels is basically a video hosting application that allows you to upload videos, split test videos, see analytics, add tags, change thumbnails, etc. Groovevideo is an efficient application that is integrated with the remaining tools.
7. Grooveblog
Grooveblog tools let you create a blog similar style like WordPress. This is not as strong as WordPress but good for completing work.
8. Groovedesk
Groovedesk is a default assistance table that allows you to see and handle any tickets that appear and then you can complete the ticket or ask someone in the team to do it for you.
9. Groovecalendar
Groovecalendar is a tool that helps in making a calendar to improve the promise of a meeting. Like, you can arrange your training sessions, meetings, music classes, etc. This is a very simple and easy tool where people will contact you through the calendar, you can set an automatic email system and follow up the procedure using Groovemail.
10. Groovesurvey
Groovesurvey allows you to build and connect surveys to your various funnels and sites.
11. Groovequiz
Groovequiz will help you create an online quiz on your website or landing pages.
12. Groovekart
Groovekart is an online e-commerce or online sales software, also referred to as a substitute for Shopify, it has all the important products needed to sell products online. This tool is not part of Groovefunnelspackage but is an independent tool. If you buy the Lifetime Platinum Groovefunnels option, you will get it as an additional bonus.
13. GrooveWebinar
Groovewinar tool is an interesting tool because it is a combo of two applications - Groovewebinar Automated and Groovewebinars Live. This tool is not available for groovefunnels plans other than platinum plans.
Other Groovefunnels Services
This service is different from the tools or apps discussed above and needs to be purchased separately.
GroovePay helps in building a merchant account that is useful in protecting your Paypal and Stripe accounts. You can keep your account protected with GroovePay. This service does not have any application or monthly charge.
Grooveads is an advertising service provided by Groovefunnels and is an ad management platform that helps in managing Google, Facebook, Youtube ads, etc. There are many more that will come in the future.
GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program
Groovefunnels has an extraordinary affiliate program where they pay a 20% commission for level one and 5% for level two. If you refer to someone, they will get a 20% commission for Tier One. But if the person you refer is to refer others, then those people will also be part of Tier One and produce you 5%.
Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why you should buy GrooveFunnels Today!
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying GrooveFunnels will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 
GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal and Bonuses

I want to go for GrooveFunnels lifetime deal because I know the extraordinary value and the amount of money that will save me, in the long run, is only silly because for the cost one time you can take the entire product of their products from Groovefunnels and can get the entire package for $2997. You also get a 4 monthly installment option of $997 to purchase their lifetime deal.

This is a one-time cost where you don't need to pay anything else. However, you must know that they recently made the announcement of the price will rise around $500 again and which will still be an extraordinary deal for you to jump so you have to enter while you can.

They even give you a lifetime upgrade option where you don't need to pay anything at first and offer a 14-day free trial and then if you like it after testing it, you can start paying additional payments.

When you buy their Premium+ Lifetime Plan, you'll also get 6 Awesome Bonuses from GrooveFunnels. The 6 Bonuses list is given below -

BONUS#1 - GrooveDesigner Pro (Create amazing graphics & designs for websites, blogs & sales funnels in minutes without any designing skills!)

BONUS#2 - Unlimited Contacts

BONUS#3 - Double Your Affiliate Commissions!

BONUS#4 - Free VIP Tickets to GrooveKon

BONUS#5 - GrooveDigital Academy

BONUS#6 - Official Facebook Group

P.S. Make sure these Bonuses are only given to customers who will buy the Groovefunnels lifetime deal only!
GrooveFunnels Pricing

After knowing this much about Groovefunnels, you must want to know about the pricing plans. Groovefunnels are available in 5 pricing options:

  1. Groovefunnels Lite (Free)

  2. Groovefunnels Startup ($99/month)

  3. Groovefunnels Gold ($149/month)

  4. Groovefunnels Pro ($199/month)

  5. Groovefunnels Premium ($299/month)

  6. Groovefunnels Premium + Lifetime ($2997 one-time payment)

GrooveFunnels Pros
  • The software technology is strong and reliable

  • This is an All-in-One software platform

  • This allows you to make up to three times the sales for free

  • Navigation is very easy and smooth

  • It has a visual drag-and-drop website builder

  • His assistance and support are very impressive

  • It also offers a lifetime deal that makes it possible to get all tools for life forever

  • The tool interface is very easy to use

  • When you join the Groovefunnels affiliate program and you are a lifetime member, the commission changes from 20% to 40%

  • They allows you to build unlimited courses, sell programs with Groovemembers

GrooveFunnels Cons
  • This site has too many pre-launch features

  • Some features will be available far in the future

  • Groovepages editors can be buggy, often keep your work

Groovefunnels is an asset that must be possessed by all entrepreneurs. Groovefunnels have a pleasant but professional nuance, and intuitive interfaces but heavy features. With up to 500 pages made in one hour, there are many templates to start with that you can adjust to your needs using their special tweaks (and they continue to add a new templates). Groovefunnels also includes unlimited hosting, free site transfer, and free support when needed - If you need help or want an update about the latest features register as a Platinum member!

Groovefunnels Customer Reviews
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FAQ’s about GrooveFunnels Review & Lifetime Deal
How do I get the Bonuses?
There are 3 steps to get these bonuses:

Step 1 - Purchase Groovefunnels any plan using the links and buttons on this website
Step 2 - Send the receipt to [email protected]
Step 3 - Get the Bonuses within 24 hours
Is Free hosting actually offered by Groovefunnels?
Yes! You will get free hosting on a free Groovefunnels account. So please host your website for free.
Does the page have free SSL?
You can synchronize with the Cloudflare account for free and you will get a free SSL certificate.
Does I need to buy something after buying Groovefunnels?
No need to buy anything after you buy groovefunnels, except sales pipelines. But groovefunnels are integrated with pipedrive so it is not needed.
Can I import a funnel with groovefunnels?
Yes. You can import funnels with groovefunnels.
Can I share funnels with Groovefunnels?
Yes. You can share it with anyone who has a link or through an email address. This functions like Google's document.
Will Groovefunnels have a reporting dashboard?
Yes, Groovefunnels has a reporting feature too.
Will Groovefunnels have split testing feature?
YES. Groovefunnels has Split testing available.
Does Groovefunnels have automatic webinar software?
Yes! they have automatic webinar software available.
Will Groovefunnels be integrated with my email autoresponder?
You can use email autoresponders such as convertkit or activecampaign with groovefunnels.
Will Groovefunnels have the integration of Zapier, Funnelytics, Pipedrive?
Yes, Groovefunnels have the integration of Zapier, Funnelytics and Pipedrive, and more.
What features Groovepages "Mobile-First Indexing"?
Groovepages has a mobile-first indexing feature. This means that Google will consider your site's mobile responsive pages for indexing and ranking before considering its desktop pages. If you don't think about the mobile version of your site, you might lose your ranking.
What happens if I'm not satisfied with Groovefunnels?

Groovefunnels may not be the most satisfying or right choice for all. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions. So, if you find that it's not a cup of your tea, no problem. Groovefunnels offers 30 day money back guarantee for software and digital product services. 

To get a refund, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] with purchase information.

What are the Alternatives of GrooveFunnels?
Conclusion: Is GrooveFunnels really worth the money?

I am very happy to use Groovefunnels, Groovefunnels is an ideal platform for people who want to sell their products online and for affiliate marketers. I can say, my money is really paying off big returns.

This is an extraordinary platform consisting of all that someone can ask in the field of digital marketing and build or improve online business. It is legal and valuable for every penny. If you want to foster an online business manifold by having all the best tools available for you, then Groovefunnels is the best answer for you.

Overall, Groovefunnels is the only tool you need to run a successful online business. It has an amazing funnel builder, website designer, email marketing tools, great integrations, and an affiliate management platform.

It also has an affiliate program that pays a handsome commission and training modules to help you grow your online business quickly.

Groovefunnels such as Clickfunnels and Kartra are combined into one account. You can't imagine how much more you will achieve with your online business if you can do all things from one platform or dashboard.

If you have a limited budget, I suggest you create a free account for groovepages and groovesell now. Then, when you are ready to use a complete series of products in Groovefunnels, it's easy to upgrade and improve your account with one click.

I hope this groovefunnels review matches your requirements well. Don’t miss the deal anymore. The groovefunnels price increases every year from time to time without any reminder. I hope you like this Groovefunnels Review. So grab your upgraded groovefunnels account now and my amazing 35+ premium bonuses included in it.

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