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Provely 2.0 Review 2022
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by  Best Lifetime Deal, October 23, 2022
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Provely 2.0 Review: If you are looking for information about provely review, OTO or bonuses then you are in the right place. I will give you every detail about what is provely here. Keep reading …
Provely 2.0 - Product Overview
Vendor: Mark Thompson
Product: Provely 2.0
Front End Price:
  • Starter Plan - $19/month – 1 Domain
  • Growth Plan - $39/month – Unlimited Domains
  • Scale Plan – $79/month – Unlimited Domains (Recommended)

Official Website: Click Here

Bonus: Yes, Exclusive and Special Bonuses
Refund: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Reputed Vendor, Fast and Effective Support Team
My Take: Highly Recommended
Why do you trust my words?
I am an Engineer by Education Degree, dropped that profession after practicing for 3+ years as I was more interested in Digital Marketing. Now I am full-time doing business online.
I regularly write reviews of only the best products which I use for my websites and can help a fellow digital marketer. However, if you ever need internet marketing consultancy then also I can help you can contact me at [email protected]
What is Provely 2.0?

Welcome to my Provely 2.0 Review. Provely 2.0 is a tool that adds real-time social proofs to your website or ECOM store in just 2 minutes. This ultimately increases the conversion rate by 250% and creates FOMO (fear of missing out) in your customers.

Believe me, these social proof tools are truly successful. I myself bought the first digital product because of the social proof that I saw on the product page a few years ago.

Who is it for?
This is a very good solution for websites that sell digital products or any eCommerce solutions. It can also work well if you sell subscriptions and want to instill urgency and scarcity in your users.
How Does This Work?
Step 1 - Select Your Conversion Type
Step 2 - Choose Your Display & Design Options
Step 3 - Install the Provely Script or Select Integration
Watch Provely 2.0 in Action
Interesting right?

You will get Provely 2.0 Review so nice that you don't say NO to buy it. It is very easy to make notifications for your website and integrate in minutes.
Provely 2.0 Features:
  • Easy to setup

  • It takes 2 minutes to start

  • Automatically rotates notifications for better results

  • Offer the right widget customization

  • Equipped with a color scheme

  • Supports location-based notifications

  • Set the frequency

  • Supports the right integration

  • Language Translation 

  • Works with a shopping cart

  • Supports webinar registration

  • Import Past Purchase

  • Unlimited Visitors, domains, and notifications.


You will see an instant increase in your conversions

There is no technical experience needed to integrate with your website or ECOM store.

Why is Provely better than others?

Provely to be chosen as #1 social proof tool by most marketers in 2020.

Low price if you compare with other similar applications.

The easiest to integrate

You can customize your pop-ups by 3 types of campaigns



Past data

Select from 13 different types of Notifications
1. Live Conversions

Display recently subscribe leads and sales to your website visitors, to help build trust, credibility, and urgency.

Increase the registration of free trials

Produce more OPT-IN & Leads

Increase Webinar Registrants

Skyrocket your sales and income

2. Low Stock

Help turn fence-sitters into customers by displaying your remaining inventory in real-time.

Make instant scarcity

Syns in real-time with your cart’s inventory

Skyrocket your Conversion and revenue

3. Urgency

Give your visitors a reason to take action now, rather than waiting.

Increase the average cart value

Make scarcity to buy now

Skyrocketing sales and income

4. Timer

Show a countdown timer for time-sensitive offers and upcoming events.

Increase registration and sales

Build a Larger Email List

Increase Webinar Registrants

Create urgency

5. Reviews/Ratings

Show the latest customer reviews and rating from leading social media and review sites.

Build social proof and trust

Reviews Update Automatically

Increase Webinar Registrants

10 sources to draw reviews from

6. Live Visitors

Show the latest website visitors that will build momentum and excitement - which leads to more conversion.

Build credibility, trust, and authority

Make urgency and fomo

Increase leads and sale conversions

7. In-Line Text

Add scarcity, social proof and more, anywhere on your website.

Produce more orders, registration and trials

Increase the average cart value

Visibility is easy for visitors

Make instant urgency

8. Announcement

Show important updates, future events, superior products, promotions and more.

Produce traffic to the main product or page

Make buzz and excitement

Produce more lead, sales, and revenue

9. Callback

Produce more leads and booked appointments by capturing visitors' phone information

Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Produce higher-paid customers

Build a better relationship with direct communication

Close more deals with ready-to-use prospects

10. Social

Build your social presence and following by encouraging your visitors to be involved with your social channel.

Build big followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok and other social media sites

Building Loyalty and Brand Trust

Create a new traffic channel

Deliver better rapport and customer service

11. Coupon

Show coupon/promotional codes that are customized for customer proposals when checkout.

Change the fence sitters, to be a loyal buyer and customer

Increase sales and income

Good for holiday sales and special offers

Make word of mouth

12. Video

Show videos including tutorials, demos, sales videos, and more.

Increase the registration of free trials

Produce more OPT-IN & Lead

Increase Webinar Registrants

Skyrocketing sales and income

13. Optin

Catch the contact details of visitors to increase your email list and build relationships with prospects and customers.

Produce more bulletin registration

Increase Webinar Registrants

Building Trust and Relationships

Mix and match with streams

Create an experience that is tailored to display the sequence of notifications during your visitor's journey on your ecommerce site.

Can Work With...
  • WordPress
  • Optimizepress
  • ClickFunnels
  • Leadpages
  • Instapage
  • iGloo
  • ThriveThemes
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Paykickstart
  • Megaphone
Testimonial From Customers of Provely 2.0
Provely Pricing
Provely 2.0 Monthly Plans
Provely Lifetime Deal has been closed forever and you only need to use monthly or yearly plans.

  • Starter Plan - $19/month – 1 Domain
  • Growth Plan - $39/month – Unlimited Domains (Most Popular)
  • Scale Plan – $79/month – Unlimited Domains (Recommended)
Provely 2.0 Yearly Plans
  • Starter Plan - $16/month – 1 Domain
  • Growth Plan - $32/month – Unlimited Domains (Most Popular)
  • Scae Plan – $66/month – Unlimited Domains (Recommended)
Ultimate Account Includes:
  • Lead or sales campaign

  • Unlimited widget (only discount charter)

  • *Personal website without limits (only discount charter)

  • Widget design library access

  • Future Renewal & Increasing First Class Support

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase within 30 days after buying provely 2.0 will return 100% of your money, no questions raised. If for any reason for the first 30 days of your purchase, you are not satisfied with any reason for the provely, just contact [email protected] and their supporting team will issue a direct and full refund.
OTO 1: Branding Removed (Recommended)
The provely upgrade that is to delete branding allows you to delete provely branding from your widget. If you don't like "powered by provely" on your widget. This upgrade is worth $17 - $27 per month.
OTO 2: HeatMap Tracker (Recommended)
An upgrade of Heatmap Tracker which allows you to track visitors' clicks and mouse movements on your website. This can help you to see any area from your website getting the biggest attention. So, if you want to improve your website for maximum user involvement, updating the Heatmap tracking is a good choice for you. This increase is worth $197 once.
OTO 3: Traffic and Leads Masterclass (Recommended)
Traffic and Leads masterclass are online courses that teach you how to get more website traffic and produce leads that are used with certainty. This training course was made by a provely creator. So, if you want to learn how to use the provely to get more traffic and leads, this is for you. The cost of this upgrade is $97 once.
Provely Lifetime Deal
The provely lifetime deal is a special deal that includes the main products and all upgrades. This deal is worth  $497 once. You will get all the provely updates and features.
Get Provely 2.0 Now with 40+ Exclusive Bonuses 
4 Exclusive Bonuses From Vendors
The rest of the Bonuses will be provided by me after you send me the receipt of purchase to [email protected]
Fast Action Bonus #1 - The Perfect Sales Letter (Value $197)
Fast Action Bonus #2 - VSL Profit Blueprint Worksheet (Value $197)
Fast Action Bonus #3 - VSL Profit Blueprint Mindmap (Value $197)
Fast Action Bonus #4- Funnel Ignition Report (Value $197)
Exclusive Fast Action 28 more Bonuses From My Side, if you choose to buy through this website:
All Bonuses included here are Free. When you purchase Provely 2.0 using our links and buttons on this website, send us the receipt of purchase to [email protected] 

We will verify you and send the rest of the Bonuses to you within 24 hours.  
If you choose to buy OTOs as well then you'll get 10 more Bonuses from my side:
All Bonuses mentioned here are Premium Ebooks and Guides for your internet marketing needs.
Buy Provely 2.0 from here and go get all your Bonuses today.
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Mini FAQs
How do I get the Bonuses?
There are 3 steps to get these bonuses:

Step 1 - Purchase Provely 2.0 using the links and buttons on this website
Step 2 - Send the receipt to [email protected]
Step 3 - Get the Bonuses within 24 hours
How exactly Provely boost your trust, opt-in, and sales?
Provely use a psychological trigger called "fear of missing out" or better known as "FOMO". Provely notifications are designed to inject social proof, urgency, and credibility to help increase trust, leads, and sales.
Do I need to know how to use the code to use Provely?
Not. Provely to be built even for those who do not have technical knowledge. All you need to do is follow a simple wizard to create your widget. Then paste the code that we give you on your website.
Will it be work on any type of website?
Yes. Provely works on any site, no matter what you use or special HTML that is coded. As long as you can attach a provely code to the website, it will work.
What type of business should be used provely?
Provely work with any niche market. E-commerce, software and saas, coach, marketing agent, real estate business, travel site, information product owner ... Call it! Provely will increase conversion for each and all types of online businesses.
Will provely affect loading time of my page?
Not. Provely is developed with a clean and light code that will not slow down the speed of your website.
How many sites can I use with Provely?
This varies depending on the plan you choose. With our most popular Growth plan, you can use a number of unlimited sites.
Is there a visitor limit?
Not. You can use provely for any number of visitors to your site.
Is there a guarantee of money-back?
Yes, we have 30 day money back guarantee, 100% in rare cases that you are not happy with your purchase.
What are the Alternatives of Provely 2.0?
The best Provely Alternatives are:

Final Words

In the end, I just want to say that provely 2.0 is a lot for anyone who is in the field of internet marketing.

I personally used this software for the past 2 years and it works like charm. I hope you like this Provely 2.0 Review. The price will soon touch the sky. Grab the deal while it will be lost! and get 40+ Exclusive Bonuses From my side absolutely FREE only for you!

Get Provely 2.0 Now with 40+ Exclusive Bonuses
(Expire Soon, Hurry Up)

Srushti Tete (Engineer Turned Internet Marketer)
Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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