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Tea Burn Reviews 2023
What are Customers Saying? Urgent 2023 Update!
 by  Best Lifetime Deal, December 21, 2022
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Losing weight is hard, and it can be especially difficult if you're busy. Even if you're dieting and exercising, you may not be seeing the results that you want. Many people have a slow metabolism or don't have enough time to burn the calories they consume each day.

Tea Burn is an excellent dietary supplement that helps your body lose weight, even if you lack time to exercise. Tea Burn contains natural ingredients like green tea and caffeine that help increase your metabolism and promote calorie burning.

Let's take an in-depth review of this fat-burning supplement and see how Tea Burn works. But, first, we'll look under the hood and review the scientific evidence behind each ingredient. 
What is Tea Burn?
Tea Burn is a weight loss blend that can easily be added to non-soda drinks like coffee or tea. It's designed to dissolve into a cup of tea without changing the taste of the tea, and it is available in single-serve packets.

Tea Burn is also notable for being all-natural, without additives or preservatives often used in many other weight loss supplements. In addition, it doesn't include any genetically modified ingredients but a natural blend of sourced ingredients.

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It isn't a tea but rather an additive to your tea, as it has no flavor. This means you can drink it with any drink of your choice. Most people refer to taking it with coffee and tea, often taken in the mornings or evenings. However, it can also be taken at any time of the day.
What is Tea Burn Do?
The entire point of this supplement is for weight loss without the strain of a diet regimen or heavy exercise. Tea Burn is also said to improve your immune system and overall health. In addition, it actively improves metabolism while reducing hunger, which leads to weight loss.

Tea Burn doesn't promise immediate, unrealistic weight-loss numbers. But, rather than shocking numbers that are often false and usually misconstrued, this supplement helps you lose weight consistently and clearly over time.

Whether you've always been overweight or due to a recent event in your life, you gained a lot of weight; Tea Burn can benefit you. You can use it to set a realistic goal towards losing weight each month, which will improve your health and lifestyle.
How Tea Burn Works?
Tea Burn works by improving your metabolism, which inevitably helps you lose weight. It also improves the efficiency of the metabolism, which means that the stubborn cellulite fat gets burned faster. Diets and exercise may burn less stubborn fat easily, but areas around the stomach and waist can be tough to defeat. With a fat-burning supplement like tea burn, your metabolism can focus on those areas.
The Key Features
Tea is already popular for its weight loss abilities. People drink black tea or green tea daily to improve their health, and Tea Burn is a great supplement to add. With Tea Burn, you don't just keep enjoying your healthy tea; you can also enjoy consistent and efficient weight loss.

The key features that allow Tea Burn to aid your weight loss are:

  • Heightened metabolism keeps your metabolism high and constant throughout much of the day.
  • Focuses on stubborn fat - it improves the efficiency of your metabolism so you can burn stubborn fat in problematic areas like your waist and stomach.
  • Reduces appetite - with your appetite reduced, you'll eat less food per day, directly leading to weight loss.
  • Increases energy - aside from the energy you get as you lose weight, Tea Burn gives you that extra strength to keep you going and maintain your energy for the whole day.
  • Improves overall health - Tea Burn has ingredients with key health benefits that can boost your cognitive function and immune system.
  • Whitens teeth - Tannins, which come in tea, often cause teeth stains in people who drink tea consistently. But the ingredients in Tea Burn can combat tannins, which leave your teeth whiter than they were.
What's Inside Tea Burn?
Rather than synthesize unnatural products, Tea Burn offers a 100% natural blend of ingredients. These ingredients are notable for their fat-burning qualities, so we will look at each in detail.

Each packet of Tea Burn contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Theanine
  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Chromium

Let us review the scientific evidence of each of these ingredients within each pack of Tea Burn.


This substance, often found in green and black tea, is widely available as a supplement, and for a good reason too. That's due to many of its benefits. L-theanine isn't essential to the human body, meaning that it isn't synthesized or made within the body.

However, it can positively affect the brain, thanks to several chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals can improve your mood, your cognitive function, and even how you sleep.

  • Mental focus - L-theanine is capable of improving your mental focus. According to a 2012 study that used a small dose of L-theanine on a set of people. Those who took the ingredient made fewer errors in their tasks.
  • Sleep - L-theanine is capable of improving how well you sleep. According to a 2018 study, people who took L-theanine for eight weeks reported improved sleep satisfaction. Being well-rested when you get up in the morning is often coupled with the motivation and energy you require to win the day.
  • Weight loss - Research has shown that L-theanine is effective for weight loss. The amino acid, especially green tea, has a popular flavor called umami. This flavor can reduce appetite, which inevitably reduces weight loss, as the amount of food you eat per day is reduced.
  • Relaxation - L-theanine can help you relax. Many people take tea in the evenings to ease away the day's stress, and L-theanine is similar. In addition, some research shows it helps with relaxation the way it helps with sleep.


Unlike L-theanine, L-Carnitine is synthesized naturally in the human body. However, your body may not produce much of it, which is where it can come in handy as part of a supplement. Produced in organs like the brain, liver, and kidneys, L-Carnitine aids the body in burning fat for energy. It also has other benefits, including improved cognitive function.

  • Weight loss - L-carnitine as a supplement for weight loss is understandable, especially because it aids the body in burning fat into energy. The more fat it can help convert to energy, the more weight you're likely to lose. Some documented research on this, where obese people lost 2.9 pounds extra while using L-Carnitine as a diet supplement. It is also worth mentioning that exercise was a key factor.
  • Brain function - A form of L-carnitine called acetyl-L-carnitine has improved cognitive function while reversing the decline in brain function. There have been studies in this regard, especially this particular 90-day study, in which people reported an improvement in brain function after taking two grams of acetyl-L-carnitine per day.
  • Heart health - L-carnitine could potentially help reduce blood pressure and other related heart problems. According to a study, individuals who have taken acetyl-L-carnitine each day have reported reducing blood pressure. Another study, which lasted for twelve months, has shown that people using L-carnitine supplements were less inclined to heart failure.

Green Tea Extract

All across the world, green tea is arguably the most consumed tea. Taken by many people for its health benefits and weight loss qualities, green tea is a key part of many diets worldwide. The extract, however, is green tea in its highest concentration, as one capsule of green tea extract can contain all the ingredients in a cup of tea. Green tea extract is a great supplement, thanks to its health benefits. It is a great source of antioxidants, and it aids brain health, weight loss, and heart health.

  • Weight loss - Green tea extract has catechins, as well as caffeine. It is rich in both chemicals, and when they're combined, it can dramatically aid in weight loss. For example, a study reported that people who consumed green tea extract with caffeine burned calories faster than those who didn't in 24 hours.
  • Heart health - Green tea extract is quite rich in antioxidants, which aid in improving the heart's health while reducing blood pressure and artery inflammation. According to a study that showed people with obesity taking green tea extract daily, these antioxidants are also useful for reducing fat levels in the blood. In addition, they reported a significant reduction in high blood pressure after just three months.
  • Brain health - The antioxidants within green tea extract are also helpful in keeping the brain healthy. According to research, green tea extract can protect the brain from oxidative stress while improving memory. It can also reduce the drastic effects of mental decline and other factors around brain damage.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This extract contains some highly useful bioactive compounds, which can aid in weight loss and other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. These compounds include caffeine, notably in coffee, and chlorogenic acids.

  • Weight loss - Caffeine itself is a compound that can aid weight loss. Consistent caffeine consumption can result in some loss n body weight and body fat. However, it doesn't do its best work alone, and this is where the green coffee bean extract comes in. The extracts' chlorogenic acids are key to boosting metabolism levels while lowering cholesterol levels. This is according to a review of the extracts from 2013.
  • Blood pressure - The extract is key in positively improving blood pressure control within the body, which benefits the blood vessels. A study from 2019 showed that consistent use of the extract over a month helped people with hypertension reduce their blood pressure.
  • Type 2 diabetes - The chlorogenic acids within the green coffee bean extracts are useful when fighting or preventing diabetes. It can also aid in controlling diabetes, especially type 2. These bioactive compounds within the extract help properly regulate glucose and insulin within the blood, according to a study from 2020 that showed green coffee bean extract aid in the improvement of insulin levels and blood glucose too.


This Tea Burn ingredient is considered an essential mineral for the human body. It aids in the breaking down of proteins, fats, and carbs, which makes it very important for weight loss. If you're low in chromium, it can cause fatigue and low blood sugar. In addition, chromium helps you maintain energy, which is a big deal when you lose weight because weight loss often brings weakness. Higher levels of chromium in the body will make it easier to lose weight as you can remain energetic.
How do Tea Burn's Ingredients Work?
Caffeine is already a popular chemical globally, thanks to the high popularity of tea and coffee. Its connection to the chlorogenic acids in the green coffee bean extract enhances the weight loss benefits and how fast it burns fat and improves metabolism.

Alongside the green coffee bean extract, the green tea extract is also a key factor in weight loss. It has massive health benefits, thanks to the antioxidants, but it is also highly linked to weight loss and increased metabolism.

The other compounds within the formula are L-theanine and L-carnitine, which aid in weight loss. While L-theanine focuses on reducing your appetite to improve weight loss, L-Carnitine aids in the process of burning fat into energy and increasing your metabolism. Finally, chromium plays a key role in helping you maintain your energy during weight loss. It also keeps your blood sugar at stable levels.
Tea Burn: Pros and Cons
Each ingredient is verifiable, thanks to the available research online about how they have health benefits and help you in your weight loss journey. Now, let's take a look at the pros and cons that come with Tea Burn:
These are the main advantages of using Tea Burn:

  • Increased metabolism - this ensures that your body can burn calories at a faster rate.
  • Fat elimination - it's not just the general fat in your body that's focused on. Areas like your waist and stomach will be focused on as well.
  • Higher energy - Tea Burn can increase your drive and energy, which will keep you more active throughout your day.
  • Reduced appetite - You get hungry slower and feel full faster when you eat. This means you'll end up eating less food overall.
  • Improved mental focus - Thanks to the number of ingredients that aid brain function, Tea Burn will keep your brain active for longer while helping you stay focussed on your tasks.
  • Better sleep - As well as better relaxation, Tea Burn will improve how well you sleep and how rested you'll feel when you wake up.
  • Whiter teeth - By battling and neutralizing the tannins that come in your tea and turn your teeth yellow over time, Tea Burn will ensure your teeth can maintain their whiteness.
Here are some of the disadvantages and potential risks of using Tea Burn:

  • Copy cats - If you are unsuspecting, you could purchase a copycat version of Tea Burn, which will not offer the same weight loss regimen you're expecting. To avoid this, purchase Tea Burn from the official site only.
  • Only one packet per day - You might want to speed up the process of weight loss by taking more than one packet per day. This is not advised as you are at risk of headaches and dizziness if you take too much.
  • Not approved by FDA - While the appropriate bodies have approved the building where Tea Burn is manufactured, the FDA has not approved Tea Burn. This is because the FDA does not evaluate or approve dietary supplements.
  • Not recommended for certain people - If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advised that you undergo a weight loss regimen or use a supplement at that point. It is also not recommended for children and teenagers under 18.
Who Should Refrain From Taking Tea Burn?
Speaking generally, Tea Burn can be taken by anyone, an adult of any gender. However, there are some special cases, and this includes a few groups of people:

  • Allergies - If you are highly sensitive to even natural ingredients, you must discuss this with your physician before starting on Tea Burn. These allergies can be rare and may go unnoticed for a time. However, if you notice that you are reacting negatively to the supplement, it is recommended that you take it up with your physician or doctor.
  • Pregnant women - You shouldn't be on any dietary or weight loss supplement when you're pregnant. Gaining weight during pregnancy is perfectly normal.
  • Breastfeeding women - Your child will need a lot of nutrients from you, especially when you are breastfeeding. It isn't advised that you take a dietary supplement while breastfeeding. You can start after the child has been weaned.
  • Medication and illness - If you are dealing with any serious health condition that has you under medication, it is not advised that you use dietary supplements without a doctor's approval. Visit your doctor and get their recommendation if weight loss or supplements won't affect your treatment.
  • Eating disorders - If you have a history of eating disorders or have recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder, it is advisable to stay away from supplements.

If you have any doubts whatsoever, it is best to seek counsel from your physician.
Tea Burn Reviews
Thanks to just one packet a day, customers have openly increased the hype around Tea Burn. While some of these customers exercised while using Tea Burn, others used Tea Burn alone. Here are some stories and reviews which were shared on

  • A 49-year-old woman lost 42 pounds thanks to Tea Burn, and now she feels healthier and doesn't have cravings anymore.
  • Another 34-year-old man lost 37 pounds thanks to Tea Burn.
  • A woman said she lost 27 pounds and feels amazing with her regimen of one packet per day.
  • Another woman also saw her waistline reduce by about six inches after using Tea Burn.
Tea Burn Pricing and Purchase
Disregard any Tea Burn supplements you may find outside the official website due to the potential number of copycats. It is always best to make your purchases from the official website, which has the best possible pricing.

The lowest number of Tea Burn packets you can purchase is 30, which will suffice for a month's supplement supply. You can purchase larger quantities for a lesser price.


Tea Burn Refund Policy  
If you're not satisfied with your order, Tea Burn offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you have sixty days, which is enough time to watch your weight loss progress properly.

You only need to contact the manufacturer for a refund within those sixty days.
Tea Burn Reviews - Conclusion
The focus of Tea Burn is on weight loss. Other benefits include an overall improvement in your health and well-being, thanks to its natural ingredients. You can use Tea Burn in addition to any diets or exercises you might be doing for added impact.

John Barban, a well-respected dietician, is the overseer of Tea Burn's formulation, which promises efficient and natural weight loss. With a refund guaranteed within sixty days, you can easily get your money back if Tea Burn doesn't work for you.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tea Burn
Still, wondering if you need Tea Burn or not? Here are some FAQs that can help you understand this product better:
Is Tea Burn safe to drink?
Tea Burn uses only natural ingredients, which makes it safe. You can visit your doctor about it if you are on medication or have allergies to compounds like caffeine.
What are the features of Tea Burn?
Tea burn is a gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO, and preservative-free tea concentrate. It is made from whole leaf tea and has no fillers or sweeteners. 
Can Tea Burn result in jitteriness?
L-theanine and chromium will help to provide sustained energy and avoid jitters and crashes.
How should Tea Burn be administered?
Take a packet of Tea Burn per day in a drink, whether you have eaten food.
Must I drink Tea Burn in the morning?
This product works perfectly any time of the day. However, drinking Tea Burn in the morning can aid your productivity.
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