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The Smoothie Diet Reviews 2023
Does It Work? Critical Research Emerges!
 by  Best Lifetime Deal, December 21, 2022
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Smoothies are pure love! Ask those people trying to lose weight or are always on their feet, and they will confirm. They’re fast and easy, and they’re super-filling. If done right, they’re delicious, too.

But how do you incorporate them correctly in your diet to get the best out of them? If you’ve been wondering about that, The Smoothie Diet by Drew Sgoutas might be able to help.

This ebook is a compilation of the healthiest smoothies that you can consume to lose weight. So, is it just another recipe book? No, it’s much more. It’s a custom 21-day weight-loss program with smoothies.

But does it work? Find out in our Smoothie Diet review.  
Smoothie Diet Review: Overview of the Program
Smoothies are a great way to cut down your overall calorie intake and feel full all the time. This means that if you can incorporate smoothies into your diet, it can be a great weight-loss tool.

The Smoothie Diet is a digital program to help you get in shape within just three weeks – with just smoothies. The balance of nutrients and the schedule for consumption will help you in that.

When we talk about smoothies, we mean lots of plant-based gifts of nature. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibers, etc., with almost no fat.

Altogether, they are healthy, tasty, and filling – the three qualities that perfectly complement your weight loss journey. So, going on a smoothie diet can be an excellent start to a lifelong journey of mindful eating.

By following a diet plan that replaces 2-3 of your daily meals with smoothies in a well-researched schedule, you will be able to –

  • Shed off extra fat and reduce weight
  • Decrease your chances of chronic diseases
  • Limit your exposure to the Standard American Diet’s toxicity
  • Get a natural path to healthy skin and hair

The Smoothie Diet is a program that will help you understand how to use smoothies perfectly to begin your fitness journey. Plus, they are super-easy to make and carry around with you.
  • Low-calorie smoothie meals with natural ingredients
  • Makes grocery shopping easier with shopping lists
  • Quick and easy meal preparation and consumption
  • Noticeable loss of weight and fat in less than a month
  • Excellent way to improvise skin, hair, and body
  • Diet rich in carbohydrates, though all of it is complex and natural
  • Must start mindful eating habits to sustain the results of the diet 
  • Only available for sale on the Official Website

The diet indeed brings a drastic change to your body by cutting down calories and fat. But you have to ensure that you get some lean protein and good fats to prevent muscle loss and boost metabolism.

You will also have to remember that replacing all meals with a liquid diet for the rest of your life is not viable. That doesn’t mean you can return to your toxic eating habits right after the program.

Failing to maintain a healthy diet plan will make you regain the fat. But that’s normal for any diet plan. You can’t treat any of them as a quick path to a lifetime of fitness.

As is true in the case of any short-term diet plan, the smoothie diet, too, needs to be followed by mindful eating. If you notice weight gain, you can again go back to the diet.
What is The Smoothie Diet? Is It Genuine?
The Smoothie Diet is a digital plan created by Drew Sgoutas, a distinguished health coach. He aims to help cut down sugar and fat consumption and reduce your calorie intake with this diet.

The program shares a custom plan to replace some of your solid meals with smoothies that are made with all-natural ingredients. These meals can have a transformative effect on your body in three weeks.

With the right ingredients and appropriate portion sizes incorporated in a well-thought eating plan, you can lose weight smoothly. The 21-day diet plan of The Smoothie Diet will help you with that.  

A weight-loss journey can be a confusing and intimidating concept, and Drew, a certified health coach with an expertise in nutrition, understands that. To make things easier, he developed The Smoothie Diet.

He aims to help you understand the importance of making meals with “real” ingredients and skip all the processed foods that we are used to consuming. Such processed foods are unhealthy and fattening.

The Smoothie Diet incorporates the same approach that Drew takes with his clients as well as in his personal life. This has helped thousands get exceptional results within a short time.
Components of The Smoothie Diet - What's in it?
The Smoothie Diet is more than just a digital book with smoothie recipes. It contains weekly shopping lists, a 21-day schedule, details about what to prepare each day, a detox plan, and a guide. If you’re familiar with the 28-Day Keto Challenge, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into.

The Smoothie Diet package includes:

  • 3-week program for weight loss and health improvement
  • 36 smoothie recipes to replace solid meals
  • Shopping lists for every week
  • Preparation guide with tips on preparing smoothies
  • 3-day detox program to be followed before the 21-day plan
  • Quick-start guide that condenses everything into a fast-track list  

Everything will be in digital format so that you can access all the information using your PC, phone, or any mobile device, no matter where you are. So, while traveling, you can carry everything with you.

It also means that you will not have to wait for weeks for the physical copies of the books to arrive. If you need a hard copy of the information, you simply need to print out a copy of the quick-start guide. 
Lab Test to Prove the Effectiveness of The Smoothie Diet
Studies show that abdominal visceral fat can cause life-threatening ailments like lung disease, fatty liver disease, and more. Understandably, losing weight and reducing fat are essential for a healthy body.

Experts say that in order to be healthy, eating right is more important than exercising. So, what could be a better and healthier way to start a fitness journey than eating healthy, natural foods?

There are extensive studies in support of eating fruits and vegetables for health benefits. Green smoothies offer a protective effect on our body, while fruit smoothies provide energy and fullness.  

The WHO suggests consuming five portions of fruits and vegetables. That’s because their health benefits can range from reduced risk of cancer to protection against cataracts. They can even change your skin.

What’s more, studies have also proven the importance of fruits and vegetables in weight loss. Clearly, The Smoothie Diet is no shortcut to weight loss. It is a science-backed approach towards healthy living.
Shipping, Return, and Refunds
Since The Smoothie Diet is an entirely digital program, there will be no components shipped to you. You’ll gain access to the program within a few minutes of making the payment.

This gives you the chance to start with the program right away. You can shop for the week on the day of purchase and start the very next day! Download the PDF files and print anything you need like a book.

If you’re not satisfied with the program and don’t see any results, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. This makes it risk-free and shows that Drew has faith that his program will work.

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How Does The Smoothie Diet Work?
The Smoothie Diet is designed to show results in just 21 days. You’ll have to start with a 3-day detox before you begin the actual 21-day program. This helps to flush out all toxins and prep your body.

Then begin your 3-week journey, during which two solid meals each day are replaced with smoothies made of fresh and natural ingredients. The third meal should be a low-cal meal of your choice.

The program suggests that you take one cheat day each week, though there’s a recommended list of foods every single day. You can repeat the plan anytime you feel like you’ve gained weight.

What do you have to eat during this program? The ingredients of the smoothies that you’ll consume during the program focus on fruits and vegetables. They also include some proteins and healthy fats.

The guidelines will help plan the single low-calorie solid meal of the day. The program offers whole food recipes, as well as recommendations for snacks with low sugar and high fiber content.  

When you eat fresh fruits and greens and add low-cal meals with lean proteins and good fat, you cut out the toxins of processed food from your diet. You also stop consuming unhealthy foods.

This plan thus helps fix dietary and lifestyle problems and reverse the adverse effects that long-term consumption of unhealthy meals has had on your body, from obesity to diabetes.  

The diet can bring your daily calorie intake to as low as 1200 calories. If you go down to consuming three low-cal meals a day, including two 400-calorie meals, you’re bound to see a drastic drop in weight.    

In addition, smoothies are loaded with fibers, besides being rich in good carbs, fruit sugars, plant-based proteins, etc. So, they curb your cravings for food and keep you full for a longer time.

The Smoothie Diet starts a chain of good habits and changes in your diet and lifestyle. Thus, it eliminates factors that contribute to diseases and alleviates symptoms of health conditions.

It’s impossible for any diet plan to have a life-long effect on your body if you don’t make an effort to maintain your weight and shape. The program teaches you to incorporate smoothies into your regular diet.

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How to Use The Smoothie Diet Work?
Before starting The Smoothie Diet program, you need to go through a 3-day detox plan during which all three solid meals of the day must be replaced with smoothies.

Once the 21-day plan starts, you’ll consume meal-replacement smoothies twice a day for breakfast and lunch, while the third meal, i.e., dinner, will include solid foods. You can also have some filling snacks.

Don’t worry; there’s plenty of room for modifications. You can have a flex day when you can have one smoothie instead of two so that you don’t get bored or feel cravings.

Some users even go as far as to replace all three meals of the day with smoothies, though that can cause deficiency of required proteins and fats. You can repeat the cycle any time you like.

You must also remember that this is just the start of a long journey. This program will only last for a few weeks, after which you must continue to eat healthy, wholesome, low-cal foods.
Who Should Try This Diet? Who Should Not?
The importance of smoothies, with fresh fruits and greens, is indisputable. So, The Smoothie Diet is an excellent plan for those who are looking to start a weight loss journey.

They can also play an essential role in adding nutrients to the diet of people who are always on the go. Smoothies can help those who end up skipping breakfast or eating unhealthy meals outside.

Smoothies can load you up with some quick carbs before you’re workout sessions. They promote weight loss by keeping you satiated for longer hours. Hence, they are perfect for binge-eaters.  

Interestingly, the digital book has a section dedicated to kids! Yes, you can boost your child’s nutrition with the help of smoothies, and The Smoothie Diet will teach you how to do it right.

But who should stay away from The Smoothie Diet? Since smoothies are made of natural ingredients, anyone with food allergies must be careful about following this diet plan.

It is a good idea to consult a doctor or a nutrition expert if you suspect that you’re allergic to any ingredients suggested in the meal plan.

You should also consult your physician or dietician if you’re diabetic or have any other health conditions that restrict the consumption of certain foods.
The Smoothie Diet Side Effects
Since the primary ingredients of smoothies are fruits and veggies, you may suffer from nutritional deficiencies if you follow this plan for several months on end after the 21-day program.

Since this is a liquid diet, there’s a possibility that you will face reduced energy levels. The drastic dietary change may also cause dizziness, nausea, concentration problems, headaches, diarrhea, etc.

Long-term consumption of liquid smoothies can lead to muscle loss. You may also develop gallstones or digestive issues if you stay on a liquid diet for several months.  

You may also develop an unhealthy relationship with solid foods, as you go out of practice with healthy habits of portion control, meal timing, dealing with hunger pangs, etc.  

Therefore, it is essential to follow the guidelines for 21 days to incorporate good proteins and fats, along with other nutrients. Eventually, you should move back to solids and follow a healthy diet.
How to Buy The Smoothie Diet & Deals to Look for
The Smoothie Diet can only be purchased on the Official Website. The platform uses ClickBank as the payment platform. This means that you will get a secure gateway.

The full package is priced at $47. But if you chance upon the site at the right time, you might be able to avail a discount of $10, bringing the price down to $37.

As soon as you complete the payment, you will gain access to the digital book. There will be no hard copy sent to your mailing address, and you can start using the ebooks right away.
What are Bonuses Included with The Smoothie Diet?


This Detox program is easily worth the price of the whole program. This is something you can do before you start the 21-Day program to help clear out the “cobwebs” and get your body ready for optimal results. It can also be used anytime you want to lose a quick few pounds or “Reset” your health after you go off track (like over the holidays). The great thing is that you will see almost instant weight loss results. One of my clients lost 3 Lbs in 3 Days with this detox program*. The program includes 3 days of 3 specially designed meal replacement detox smoothie recipes, a complete shopping list for everything you need, as well as your choice of 2 recipe options.


If you’re anything like me, you wanna get right to the good stuff! I designed this guide to be an easy reference you can print out and start using right away without needing to read the longer core guide. It’s a condensed version of the core guide that contains the 3-week schedule, shopping lists, prep guide, and smoothie recipes. This is a fast track “to do” list that will help you start enjoying the benefits of the program from the very first instant you download it.
The Smoothie Diet Conclusion: Should You Buy It?
Are you planning to start eating healthy and lose weight but don’t know where to start? The Smoothie Diet can be a healthy and nutritious way to kick start your journey.

It is a quick and easy plan to shed weight and fat and transform your body entirely in a short time. That’s not all. It can also change your lifestyle and infuse good eating habits.

The 21-day plan incorporates two meal replacement smoothies and one low-cal solid-food meal to set your weight loss journey rolling. It can reverse the harmful effects of toxic food on your body.

At the end of the 21-day plan, the program will help you mindfully transition to a sustainable diet plan of solid meals. It also incorporates smoothies to help sustain the new body you acquire through this diet.

Even if it doesn’t work for you, you can demand a refund. So it is a safe option to try a lifestyle change where you will understand the importance of fresh fruits and veggies. Altogether, it’s a must-try.

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FAQs about The Smoothie Diet
Read the following to get some quick information on the Smoothie Diet. 
I need to lose more weight, How do I continue after 21 days?
The best part of The Smoothie Diet is that you can use it for as long as you need, to lose as much weight as you want. He make it super simple to continue using everything you learn in the first 3 weeks to extend the program for the next few weeks or even months. And each additional week will be just as enjoyable as the first three! There goal is to give you all the tools you need to continue losing weight and getting healthy for as long as you need to.
Want I just gain all the weight back?
Unlike other diets, this is not a “quick-fix”. 21 days is only the beginning to a lifetime of better health and a slimmer body. The #1 comment I get on The Smoothie Diet is that after a few weeks, the cravings for sweets and junk foods have essentially disappeared. This makes it very easy to keep the weight off. He also show you exactly how to transition back into your regular eating patterns after the 21 days while still incorporating smoothies into your diet to keep the weight off. In fact, most people love the smoothies so much they don’t want to give them up after the 21 days! As some of my clients have said, this is a complete life-transformation program.
I Have Type-2 Diabetes, will these for me?
Fresh, whole fruits, as well as blended green smoothies not only provide a healthy way for diabetics to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet, green smoothies also may help reverse some of the diet and lifestyle problems that exacerbate diabetes, or contributes to its progression. The great thing about the Smoothie Diet is that it kicks off a chain-reaction of lifestyle changes that reduce or eliminate the factors that exacerbate the disease, and reverses the condition in some individuals. Please note that while He is a nutrition expert, not a doctor. If you have diabetes or ANY other health condition, you should always consults with your doctor first before making any dietary changes.
I don't have a lot of time in the day, Is this hard to follow?
If you don’t have a lot of time in the day, then this program is PERFECT for you. There ideal customer is a busy mom who works, goes to school, has errands to run, kids to drop off/pick up, etc. He designed this program to be super simple and take minutes a day. He even provide tips on how to cut corners to shave some valuable extra minutes off your smoothie prep. The recipes are quick to make and you can either enjoy them right after you make them or take them with you. You’ll always have a delicious, filling meal with you. And if you can press one button on your blender then you can follow this program :)
Do I need an Expensive Blender or are the ingredients hard to find?
With the increased popularity of smoothies, blender prices have gotten very competitive. The most important thing is to have a blender with a strong motor. While the bender you have now will probably work just fine, If you are serious about making a big change in your health, then He has  show you some of the top-of-the-line blenders. But He also show you cheaper models that will work just fine and are under $50. The ingredients are not hard to find and if they are, He has  provide a full “Swap List” that shows you easy substitutes to use if you can’t find something.
Is there anything that comes in the mail?
This is a fully digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail. The great thing about this is that you will have access to it in minutes. You don't have to wait for anything to arrive on your doorstep. He want to harness the excitement you're feeling right now and get you started right away. You can even do your week 1 shopping today and start tomorrow…or start today! The files are in PDF format. After you checkout, you will automatically be taken to a page where you can download and view everything on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For those of you who would prefer a printed book, the Quickstart Bonus is designed for this. It is a 20-page shortened version of the main guide that can be printed out and followed just like a printed book.
What if it doesn't work for me?
If for some reason this program does not work for you even though you have followed it exactly as I have laid out, He have no problem giving you a full refund. He'll even cover you for a full 60 days so if you are unhappy for any reason over the next 2 months, you get your money back. If you are not happy with the program, then he don’t want you to have to pay for it. He believe in building relationships with my customers and your satisfaction is his #1 priority.
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